What sets us apart.


We combine knowledge in the field, careful analysis, and creative energy to customize our consulting work for each client. We start by delving deep in the history, current status, and future goals of your business, and then develop a thoughtful plan from there.

Dedication to the Big Picture

We will work tirelessly on your behalf and you will never hear us say, “We don’t do that”—whatever the project, whatever your needs, we will find a way to make it happen. Our primary goal is the success of your business, and we are not satisfied just with a full book of press clips.

Money Where Our Mouth Is

We invest ourselves fully into helping address your business’ needs: growing your business, honing messaging, or addressing a systemic change. We consider ourselves so much part of our clients’ teams, we’ve even become equity investors in their businesses.

The Principal Principle

Put simply: when you hire us, you get us. The greatest benefit of choosing to stay small is that we can assure you that we will be working on your account, period. You don’t have to roll the dice with a junior staff member at a large firm or wait two days for a returned phone call from a principal; when we say we’re hands-on, we mean it.


By being based in New York City, we not only have our fingers on the pulse of one of the most important food and beverage markets in the world, but we are also at the center of national food, wine, lifestyle, travel, business, and news media (not to mention the country’s largest concentration of freelance writers).